“They offer a practical guide to improving one’s wooing skills, highlighting successes and failures from history and the present day. An entertaining and useful guide to acquiring the power of woo, this book will help readers beyond the professional realm.”

~ Publisher's Weekly

“Ranging across history, from Charles Lindbergh to Sam Walton, the authors examine how savvy negotiators use persuasion-not confrontation-to achieve goals.”

~ U.S. News & World Report

“What, you ask, is woo? The authors, who both teach at the Wharton School, extol the virtues of this relationship art, which they define as the ability to win over colleagues, clients and customers without coercion, using emotionally intelligent persuasion.”

~ Time Magazine

“Eschewing traditional sales and negotiation tips and tricks, the authors instead develop their material around their principle of winning over others (WOO) to your ideas without coercion using relationship-based, emotionally intelligent persuasion.”

~ Library Journal